Wishing You a Happy, Healthy Christmas – Naturally!
Merry Christmas!

Wishing You a Happy, Healthy Christmas
– Naturally!

I love Christmas!  Presents, parties, being with friends and family, turkey, chocolates, wine…  Wonderful!  However, various problems can raise their heads and stop you enjoying yourself.  Natural medicine can help you to enjoy a happy, healthy Christmas.  Here are some ideas for natural solutions to Christmas party poopers:

You really don’t want a nasty cold over Christmas!  Homoeopathy can help to minimise your symptoms and assist your body to return to normal more quickly.  Homoeopathic remedies are prescribed on symptoms, so choose a remedy with similar symptoms to yours. 

  • Sudden onset, severe symptoms affecting nose, eyes and throat.  Feverishness with dry throat and marked thirst.  Worse for chill, touch, at night, noise.  Better for resting, fresh air.  Aconite.
  • Hot, dry and flushed with raised temperature and thumping headache.  Skin, nose and throat bright scarlet.  Sore throat makes swallowing difficult, patient drinks in sips.  Symptoms may be worse on the right side.  Worse for movement, light, noise, lying flat, touch.  Better for sitting up, light covering, rest.  Belladonna.
  • Patient is alternately pale and flushed in the first stages of a cold.  Throat sore and swollen, swallowing saliva is painful.  Earache with loss of hearing.  Worse at night, movement, jarring, chill, cold drinks.  Better for lying down, cold compresses.  Ferrum Phos.  This remedy is a good one for bringing down a high temperature (use Ferrum Phos 12c).
  • Severe head cold with streaming eyes (bland) and nose (acrid discharge that burns the nostrils and upper lip).  Constant violent sneezing.  Worse for warm room, evening, damp.  Better for bathing, movement, cool, fresh air.  Allium Cepa.
  • Streaming eyes (burning discharge) and nose (bland).  Eyes burn and smart.  Loose cough.  Worse for sunlight, warm room, wind, evening.  Better for blinking or wiping eyes, fresh air.  Euphrasia
  • Cold symptoms which are much worse at night.  Chilly and restless.  Eyes, nose and throat burn.  Chest tight and wheezy with irritating dry cough.  Patient feels better sitting up.  Worse for cold or chill, during the night, exertion.  Better for warmth, sips warm drinks, movement, sitting propped up, company.  Arsenicum Album.


“Stress” means different things to different people.  Homoeopathy can certainly help, but Bach Flower Remedies are easier for the self-prescriber.  Rescue Remedy is a mix of five of the thirty eight Bach Flower Remedies and really helps in situations that need rescuing (for example after a big argument, or in situations of shock).  Holly is the remedy if you feel explosively angry (maybe someone criticised your cooking, or left you to do all the work?), while Willow will help you to deal with slow-burn feelings of resentment and self-pity (yet another ghastly sweater from Auntie?).  If you’re lonely or depressed at Christmas, the Flower Remedies can help.  Star of Bethlehem helps with grief and sorrow; Walnut helps you adjust to a change in circumstances; Willow for those who dwell on their misfortunes; Mustard helps to melt away unhappiness or depression that occurs for no apparent reason; Gentian for depression of a known cause; Gorse helps people who only see the negative things in their lives and for feelings of hopelessness; Honeysuckle for those who yearn for past times; Heather for those in need of company.

The homoeopathic remedy of choice (good for other sorts of poisoning, too) is Nux Vomica.  Nux V  will always help, although some other remedies may cover the specific symptoms, for example Arsen Alb or China.

Wishing You a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!



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